Other PCC Products

Other Power Control Center Products

ISG’s Power Control Center offerings include solutions built within existing Connex/shipping containers as well as portable power trailers. We can help you identify whether one of these solutions is appropriate for your application.

Connex/Shipping Container Solutions

Connex units provide a low-cost, structurally sound enclosure for packaging electrical products and equipment. ISG can help you identify whether a Connex-based solution is appropriate for your application, and provide a dynamic, fast and cost-effective product.

Portable Control and Power Trailer

This portable unit, housed in a semi-trailer, was built to power aggregate plants. The user plugs in its systems and the unit sequentially starts the conveyor, crushers and other components. The unit moves seamlessly from one location to the next.

A portable Power Control Center is the perfect solution for a variety of applications. We can help you determine the best product to meet your needs, and custom build it from the inside out.