Transportation and Delivery

Transportation and Delivery

Our large, expandable and versatile manufacturing facility is strategically located in the Pacific Northwest, giving us access to cost-effective transportation and delivery methods via water, rail and road to national and international customers.

  • Just-in-time and expedited delivery
  • Highly capable logistics support
  • Most experienced and capable rigging and crane resources
  • Common location with electrical and controls manufacturing arm
  • Most experienced and capable shipping partners
  • International capabilities
  • Affiliated offices throughout the US


  • Ready and qualified road transportation with the experience, equipment and skills to transport
  • Factory strategically located along West Coast transportation arteries: I-5, I-84 and SR14


  • Direct load-out capabilities


  • On-site direct load-out to fresh water port on the Columbia River and ocean barge transport
  • Multiple resources for ocean-going barge
  • National and international shipping