Load Testing

This value-add service uses our inhouse Load Testing station to provide our customers with the confidence that their products will perform as expected once installed. This process proves, in a real-world scenario, the product performance while providing confidence and associated actual support data prior to implementing in their facility.

The ISG Dynamic load testing process and equipment couples up to 250HP AC test motors to a DC test motor in order to fully load test equipment in a real-world dynamic operating motor configuration.

Our Team is ready to discuss your project specific load testing requirements

Load Testing And Performance Proving

  • Twin 200amp DC regeneration Dynamometer
  • Extensive motor controller testing including:
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Reduced voltage soft starters
  • DC drives
  • Multi-voltage step starters
  • Across-the-line starters
  • Test rigging for 1/4HP through 200HP frame motors
  • Abilities to test torque, speed control, positioning, catch on the fly, power loss ride through, inertia regeneration control, motor braking
  • Multiple voltage configurations including 460/480, 230/240, 575, 400, 380,208, 120 and 24 volt, 50/60hZ
  • Head-to-head products comparisons
  • Product burn in under load
  • Motor testing
  • Shaft grounding isolation and testing