Power Control Center, Module and Skid

Plug-and-Play Electrical Power and Control Distribution Buildings

ISG packages complete electrical facilities in one portable unit, reducing lead times, field construction costs and logistic limitations. Provide your specific environmental and site needs, and we will custom build your unit from the inside out. Our technical, electrical and engineering teams focus first on what’s inside the structure to ensure it meets your needs!


  • Condensed construction schedule through scope overlay
  • Reduced lead times
  • Reduced field construction costs
  • Maximized use of costly space

Advanced Design and Engineering

  • Dynamic, professional design and engineering
  • Concept forward
  • Design build and design assist
  • Application review
  • Repeatable
  • Mass production
  • Innovative solution
  • Industrial duty and commercial duty designs
  • Inside-out electrical engineering, focusing first on the product being packaged
  • Detailed electrical engineering and design
  • Supporting most electrical brands and solutions
  • Structural designs, engineered for specific site and application demands
  • Structural engineering, certification, snow and wind loading, harsh environment insulation and HVAC
  • Complete and thorough documentation and drawing packages Seismic calculations
  • Electrical listings (ETI, UL)
  • Oregon and Washington state Gold Seal certifications and labeling
  • Professional and experienced project management
  • Sturdy-mount wall system allows flexible and dynamic equipment mounting and installation

Custom Configurations

ISG Power Control Centers deliver the highest quality solutions in the industry, from the most basic products to the most advanced turnkey solutions.

  • Customized products to application requirements
  • Temporary and mobile solutions
  • Skid and module designs packages
  • Manufacturing repeatability advantages
  • Harsh environmental protection
  • Dynamic schedule management
  • Product inventory management

Our factory manufacturing methods bring extraordinary value to today’s construction projects, reducing lead times, field construction costs and logistic limitations.


  • Dynamic size offerings, ranging from 6’ wide x 6’ long x 8’ tall to single free span non-split 22’ wide x 80’ long x 13’ tall
  • Non-split buildings offer significant reduction in installation time and labor costs

Material Choices

  • Multiple gauge steel options
  • Stainless steel (304/316)
  • Galvanized
  • Aluminum
  • Paint color per your specification
  • Powder coating
  • Flooring available with traction injection paint

Testing and Inspections

  • Fully-documented factory testing
  • Factory source inspection
  • Third-party testing and certifications
  • Load and functional testing


Transportation and Delivery

Our large, expandable and versatile manufacturing facility is strategically located in the Pacific Northwest, giving us access to cost-effective transportation and delivery methods via water, rail and road to national and international customers.

  • Just-in-time and expedited delivery
  • Highly capable logistics support
  • Most experienced and capable rigging and crane resources
  • Common location with electrical and controls manufacturing arm
  • Most experienced and capable shipping partners
  • International capabilities
  • Affiliated offices throughout the US


  • Ready and qualified road transportation with the experience, equipment and skills to transport
  • Factory strategically located along West Coast transportation arteries: I-5, I-84 and SR14


  • Direct load-out capabilities


  • On-site direct load-out to fresh water port on the Columbia River and ocean barge transport
  • Multiple resources for ocean-going barge
  • National and international shipping

Other Power Control Center Products

ISG’s Power Control Center offerings include solutions built within existing Connex/shipping containers as well as portable power trailers. We can help you identify whether one of these solutions is appropriate for your application.


Connex/Shipping Container Solutions

Connex units provide a low-cost, structurally sound enclosure for packaging electrical products and equipment. ISG can help you identify whether a Connex-based solution is appropriate for your application, and provide a dynamic, fast and cost-effective product.

Portable Control and Power Trailer

This portable unit, housed in a semi-trailer, was built to power aggregate plants. The user plugs in its systems and the unit sequentially starts the conveyor, crushers and other components. The unit moves seamlessly from one location to the next.

A portable Power Control Center is the perfect solution for a variety of applications. We can help you determine the best product to meet your needs, and custom build it from the inside out.